MS Outlook - Receiving Delegate Access (Proxy)

Accessing another person's account in Outlook



If you have been granted permissions to view or edit another account, complete the following steps to access it.

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook and then select the File tab.
  2. Next, select the Account Settings button. A drop-down menu displays.
  3. Select Account Settings… from the drop-down menu. The Account Settings screen displays.
  4. Select the Change… button, located near the centre of the Account Settings screen. The Change Account window displays.
  5. Select the More Settings… button. The Microsoft Exchange window displays.ExchangeTab
  6. Select the Advanced tab.
  7. On the Advanced tab, select the Add… button. The Add Mailbox window displays.Addmailbox
  8. Enter the name of the user account you want to view in Outlook in the Add mailbox: field, and then select the OK button.

The account now appears below the folders list, located on the left side of the Outlook window.