Summit Errors

It has been noticed that there has been data entered into the system, which has not been updated due to dropped connections, system crashes or the user navigating away from the screen they are on, without completing the process.


In addition, it can also cause issues if you are timed out. As has been mentioned before, please log out of summit if you are not using the system.


Going forward, when processing data in Summit, please make a note of the batch number if provided. (For example, below is a batch number shown when selecting “Goods Received Entry”)



If you have one of the issues mentioned above (dropped connection, crash etc.) or any other issue whilst entering the batch, you may get the following screen.



(If possible, please include a screenshot of the above error screen in your email). Please click “Ok”, then click “No” when asked if you would like to view the system error log. You may or may not then see this screen.



In the event of you having an issue, please email the IT Helpdesk ( or log a ticket through the web (


- If you do not receive the error screens above, please simply provide us with the batch number.


- If you do receive the error screens, please provide the highlighted information in the format:


Co No 1

Program POGRM2

Batch 38356

Passcode 123830 (if you also get the passcode control box)

(as well as a screenshot as mentioned)


If you do receive the Passcode Control box, please do not navigate away from this screen.


The above scenarios can cause a problem with the batch that has been entered. Please do not retry processing the data again for the transactions in that batch until you are given the go-ahead.






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